Ricky & Mobo
Coming September 2007
Title: Ricky & Mobo
Author: Roscoe Orman
Illustrator: Roscoe Orman
Binding: Laminated Hardback
Pages: 32
Publisher: Inkwater Press
ISBN: 978-1-59299-255-3
Price: US $14.95
  Advance Reading Copy  
Click on this link to open up a low-resolution PDF of the Advance Reading Copy of Ricky & Mobo. This special ARC contains additional facts and trivia about the story, Roscoe Orman, and the era of the story that will not appear in the final version.
  Author Biography  
Roscoe Orman Roscoe Orman is best known for playing "Gordon" on Sesame Street
Roscoe Orman is an award-winning actor who is known to millions for his thirty-three-year portrayal of Gordon Robinson on the highly acclaimed children's television series Sesame Street. Orman is a Bronx native and graduate of New York's High School of Art & Design, Circle-In-The-Square Theatre School, and Manhattan School of Music and made his professional acting debut in the 1962 musical revue If We Grow Up. A forty-five-year veteran of over sixty theatre productions for Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regional theatres, he has also performed a wide range of roles in film and television. He has toured throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean with his Gordon of Sesame Street Concert series and with Matt Robinson's one-man play The Confessions of Stepin Fetchit. An accomplished performer, director, teacher, poet, writer, illustrator, and lecturer, in 2006 Orman wrote his memoir, Sesame Street Dad: Evolution of an Actor, published by Inkwater Press. He and his wife Sharon reside in New Jersey, and are the proud grandparents of five.
  Synopsis for Ricky & Mobo  

For his sixth birthday, Ricky receives the best present ever: Mobo, a mechanical horse. With a few pumps of Ricky's legs, he and Mobo race across the floor. Nothing could be better!

Then Ricky's mom tells Ricky about the neighborhood block party and race. Children will compete to find out who is the fastest. Ricky is sure he and Mobo will win the race.

But when the big day comes, not everything goes according to Ricky's plans.

  Excerpt from Ricky & Mobo  

At last, the time had come for the big race. All of the racers were told to gather at one end of the block. The race was to the other end of the block and then back again to the starting line.

Ricky rode Mobo to the front of the two rows of racers. Mobo stood out as the only horse among all the roller skates, scooters, tricycles, fire trucks, and other varieties of home-made vehicles.

This was much farther, Ricky thought, than he had ever ridden Mobo before. But he was too excited to worry or doubt his chances of winning. "This," he thought, "is going to be the greatest day of my life."

Mr. Gaines, who owned the corner candy store, raised his starter pistol and shouted,

"On your mark."

Ricky's sweaty hands gripped Mobo's reins.

"Get set."

Ricky scrunched down into the saddle to get a good first pump on the stirrups.


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Photos from Ricky & Mobo:

Roscoe Orman - (Formal, High-res, JPG, Credit: Richard Termine)
Roscoe Orman - (Formal, High-res, JPG, Credit: Richard Termine)
Roscoe Orman - (Formal, High-res, JPG, Credit: Eduardo Patino)
Roscoe Orman - (Casual, High-res, JPG, Credit: Eduardo Patino)
Young Roscoe with Mobo - (High-res, JPG, Credit: Roscoe Orman)
Roscoe Orman as Trash Gordon - (High-res, TIF, Credit: Rose Cuervo)
Cover Image - (High-res, JPG)
Cover Image - (High-res, TIF)

Roscoe talking about Ricky & Mobo on VidShadow
Roscoe Orman speaking at Target Children's Day

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